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Sibley East Pool Temporally Closed 

Indoor Pool/Aquatics Manager

Sibley East Schools/Community Services is seeking a part-time pool/aquatics manager for the indoor pool located within the Arlington MS/HS Campus.
TITLE: Aquatics Manager for ISD #2310
QUALIFICATIONS: Prefer a BS or BA degree major in an education field or related field.
Holds water safety Instructor Certificate.
Holds Adult, Child and Infant CPR Certificate.
Holds current Standard First Aid Certificate.
Experience teaching and supervising swim program.
REPORTS TO : Director of Community Education
1.  Recruits, trains, supervises, and evaluates all personnel for the aquatics program.
2.  Assigns and schedules staff as appropriate
3.  Coordinates and conducts competency testing of the school aquatic personnel and maintains records of such testing.   Which includes:
        a.  Lifeguard instruction
        b.  First Aid and CPR
        c.  Emergency Procedures
        d.  Water Safety Assistance                    
        e.  Other
4.  Plans, organizes and manages aquatics program registration and schedule.
5.  Prepares and administers the aquatics program budget.
6.  Establishes guidelines for community use of pools.
7.  Establishes and maintains adequate security and safety measures of the pools and adjacent areas.
8.  Meets with Director of Community Education concerning pool issues and the progress of programs.
9.  Plans and implements promotion and marketing of the aquatics program.
10. Maintains communication with school personnel and Custodial Department regarding the use of the pools.
11. Oversees pool use requests from community groups.
12. Performs other duties as assigned by the Director of Community Education.  Requisition obtain and inventory supplies and equipment on a quarterly basis and maintains pool equipment in good working condition.
14. Ensures that the pool meets all rules and regulations set forth by the American Red Cross, the State of Minnesota, and ISD #2310.
15. Participate in department planning and evaluation of the program, and prepares program reports as requested.

Salary and work year established by the Board of Education.

Jennifer Strack
Community Education Director
Sibley East Schools
PO Box 1000
Arlington, MN 55307

Or by e-mail: