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Staff and students at Sibley East can get flu shots on


Forms are available in the Health Offices on each campus or can be printed using the link: 


Please return the forms, along with a copy of the front and back of your insurance card, to the Health Office on the student’s campus by Monday, October 14, so that we can let Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center know how much vaccine to bring.

Please call the Health Offices with any questions you may have.




Sibley East Schools will be holding the annual Vision and Hearing Screening on


In Gaylord, we will be screening:Vision and Hearing Icon

  • Kindergarten boys for color blindness;
  • Grades K, 1, 3 and 5 for vision and hearing;
  • Grade 5 girls for scoliosis.

In Arlington, we will be screening:

  • Grades 7 and 10 for Vision;
  • Grades 8 and 11 for Hearing.

Students who do not pass the initial screening will be re-screened before referrals go home. Sometimes students do not pass the initial screening because they did not feel well the day of the screening. In the early elementary, students may also not understand the screening process and may do better on the re-screen because they are more familiar with the process.

Please call the Health Office on your child’s campus if you have any questions.


Bowling League Information


New Computer Sciences Discovery Course

Pennies in a boatThe purpose of this activity, also pictured in the slideshow above, was to explore the problem solving process programmers use to create and perfect their designs.

  • Define the problem (in this case, build a boat that will hold the most pennies).
  • Prepare to solve the problem (coming up with a plan, in this case, design for the boat).
  • Try to solve the problem (drop pennies one at a time and count them until the boat sinks).
  • Reflect on your solution and look for areas of improvement (design a second boat to hold more pennies, what went well the first time and what needs improvement). 

Each group’s first design held 20 pennies. The second design held 57 pennies for one group and 19 for the other. Using this process, the students were able to see the importance of planning, trying, and reflecting and that our first design isn’t always the most successful. We should always strive for improvement! In Ms, Ihrke's class this week, the students will be developing ideas for an app to program in our next unit. They will use this process to anticipate problems or flaws.

Pennies in a BoatPennies in a Boat



Wall of Fame Icon

Over the years, thousands of students have been educated in the Sibley East Schools, as well as in the preceding school districts of Arlington, Arlington-Green Isle, Gaylord, Gaylord-Winthrop, and Green Isle.  Many of these students subsequently entered professions and careers where they excelled in a variety of fields, among them, agriculture, arts and entertainment, business, education, medicine, public service, and science. 


Each year, the Sibley East School District 2310 Wall of Fame Selection Committee chooses a deserving graduate to receive the Wall of Fame Award, through which the honoree is acknowledged for his or her accomplishments. All such honorees appear on the Sibley East Wall of Fame, located in the lobby of the Sibley East Theater on the Arlington Campus. The Wall of Fame serves to offer inspirational role models for current Sibley East students.

At this time of the year, the public is invited to nominate deserving graduates for this honor. Please click on the Wall of Fame Nomination Form Link to begin the process to choose the next recipient of the Sibley East Wall of Fame Award.  The nomination form must be submitted by October 19, 2019.

Nomination Link

Beyond the Bell After School Help Information


Sibley East Pool
Has Reopened!!!

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September 27th!!!

It took ten years of discussions around the world before the Earth Charter was approved in the year 2000. Since then, thousands of organizations have endorsed it. Its principles set forth a framework for a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace. Join us for a review of this remarkable document

Note: Attendees will be given a copy of the Earth Charter.

Saturday, October 12
9:00 – 11:00 a.m.


Sibley East MS/HS Room #145

This program is FREE!

Please RSVP to Commjunity Education so the organizers can plan approriately.

To Register, call 507-964-8235 or email Jennifer Strack, Community Education Director

LIKE film
Monday, October 21st

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Attention Students 8 - 18

Join the Riptides Swim Club

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Riptides link


Sibley East Dramatics Information
Now Available!
Actors and Crew Wanted!!!

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