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6th Grade Science Students Test
Sir Isaac Newton's
Laws of Motion

Student dropping egg

The students were divided into teams in Ms. Rodning's Science core class, given a budget, and access to the same building materials. They had to create a container/design that would prevent an egg from cracking when dropped from the Roman stairs. They learned about objects at rest and in motion (First Law); the relationship between force, mass and acceleration (Second Law); and about actions and reactions (Third Law).  The project dealt mostly the first law. Each student had to answer questions as to how the project/experiment related to each law after they were done testing their designs. 

Out of 29 groups that created a design, 9 of them were successful and were able to keep the egg from cracking.


Preschoolers Having a Jolly Good Time!!!


...And a Visit From You Know Who!

Santa in the preschoolSanta in the preschool

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Hear several Sibley East first graders visit
with KNUJ about what Christmas means to them.

Wednesday, December 19th at 1:48 p.m.

"What Christmas Means to Them"


Honors English Class Works
on Technical Reading Skills
and has fun, too!

Students had to read technical directions on how to fold paper and
then make scissor cuts and snips to create the snowflake design they selected.


Honors Engish students with snow flakes



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At the quarter 1 Academic Pep Fest students were acknowledged for their academic excellence, kindness to others, and their service to Sibley East.  We also enjoyed a scavenger hunt game. 




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