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Computer Applications 7 students learned about spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel. Students separated their M&Ms into color groups, recorded the data, and then used formulas to calculate the total number of M&Ms that five students in class received as well as the average of each color for the five students.  No word on the fate of the m&m's.


Don't You Wish You Still Had Recess?
Fresh Air, Exercise, Friends, and Fun
While Demonstrating the "Wolverine Way" of Playing Respectfully


Suicide Prevention Presentation


Sibley East Elementary Provides Great Enrichment Activities

Elementary staff and administration work hard to provide enrichment activities for the students. One such upcoming activity will be a visit from famous author Mary Blackwell. She will be meeting with small groups of students during the school day on February 12th. Please note that this activity is not open to the general public.




Child with Flu

It's FLU Season!!!




Flu Checklist, available as a download in Health Services Quicklinks