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A portion of the slideshow above shows students playing chess in Ms. Bartlette's den. Chess is a popular example of "extensions", one of the uses of the Wolverine Way (Den) program at Sibley East High School and Middle School.  See article on this page for more information about the Wolverine Way/Den Time.

Sibley East Elementary
Bus Safety Training


Bus Safety Training Picture


Bus Safety Training Picture


Bus Safety Training

SCHOOL BUS SAFETY (reprinted from

The Safest Mode of Transportation for Children

In Minnesota, school buses make at least 10,000 school bus trips daily. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, school buses are the safest mode of transportation for children — children are eight times safer riding in a bus to school than any other vehicles.
In the past five years (2013 - 2017), there were 3,451 school bus crashes in Minnesota, resulting in seven deaths.

Video:School Bus Safety: Be Ready for the Ride

Students can do their part in helping the bus driver focus on the road and help keep themselves safe outside and inside the school bus.

Danger in the "Danger Zone"
More children are killed outside of a school bus than they are as bus occupants. Motorists must anticipate children in a school bus “danger zone” — the area around a bus where most injuries and deaths occur. 


School Bus Safety Tips for Children 

When waiting for the bus: Be patient, stand back from road and no running or rowdy behavior.

When on the bus: stay seated, listen to the driver and use quiet voices.

It's important for parents to discuss and demonstrate pedestrian safety with their children and reinforce safe crossing after exiting a bus:

  • When getting off a bus, look to be sure no cars are passing on the shoulder (side of the road). 

  • Before crossing the street, take five “giant steps” out from the front of the bus, or until the driver’s face can be seen. 

  • Wait for the driver to signal that it’s safe to cross.

  • Look left-right-left when coming to the edge of the bus to make sure traffic is stopped. Keep watching traffic when crossing.

School Bus Safety Tips for Motorists

  • Motorists must stop at least 20 feet from a school bus that is displaying red flashing lights and/or its stop arm is extended when approaching from the rear and from the opposite direction on undivided roads. 

  • Red flashing lights on buses indicates students are either entering or exiting the bus. 

  • Motorists are not required to stop for a bus if the bus is on the opposite side of a separated roadway (median, etc.) — but they should remain alert for children.

  • Altering a route or schedule to avoid a bus is one way motorists can help improve safety. In doing so, motorists won’t find themselves behind a bus and as a result, potentially putting children at risk.

  • Watch for school crossing patrols and pedestrians. Reduce speeds in and around school zones.

  • Watch and stop for pedestrians — the law applies to all street corners, for both marked and unmarked crosswalks (all street corners) — every corner is a crosswalk.  

Why Don't School Buses Have Seat Belts?
  • School buses are larger and heavier, which means that the mass and weight of the bus is designed to take the bulk of the crash force. They are also far less likely to rollover in a crash. 

  • School buses must be federally regulated to provide for compartmentalization. Compartmentalization means that the interior of large school buses must provide occupant protection so that children are protected without the need to buckle up. This is done through strong, closely spaced seats, energy absorbing foam seat backs, and a 24-inch seat height. Visualize this by thinking how an egg carton protects the eggs. 

  • The chassis of the school bus is designed to separate from the body of the bus in a crash to slow down and spread the crash forces over the entire body of the bus.


What is the Wolverine Way (Den Time)?

Wolverine Way, also know as "Den", is a 30 minute period at the end of the day. This time is used to help

  • teachers and students connect with each other

  • meet the students' social, emotional, and academic needs.

Teachers may request students to attend their den to provide an intervention, such as to:

  • reteach a lesson

  • test corrections or retakes

  • offer support with homework completion

  • provide time to study for an upcoming test

Teachers may also use the den time to offer other options:

  • study hall

  • enrichment activities/videos

  • extensions-board games, trivia, stress free coloring, etc....

Group advisers also use den for:

  • meetings

  • practices for competitions


5th and 6th Grade Tackle Football Teams



football team picture


footbal team picture



The Sibley East Schools, as well as the preceding school districts of Arlington, Gaylord, and Green Isle, have educated many students who have entered professions and careers and excelled in a variety of fields, including the areas of business, medicine, science, education, agriculture, public service, the arts and entertainment. The Sibley East School District 2310 Wall of Fame Selection Committee honors these outstanding graduates through acknowlegement on the Wall of FameThe Wall of Fame serves to inspire and offer role models for its current students.

To learn more and/or place a name in nomination by October 19th, visit the Wall of Fame page.

Book Fair Banner

Scholastic Book Fair
Sibley East Elementary
November 8 - 14
(Online Shopping Begins November 2)

Book Fair Link

Gaylord Fire Department Visits

the Sibley East Preschool
Provides Lessons in Fire Safety

The Sibley East Preschool Program extends a big thank you to the Gaylord Fire Department for providing a memorable visit for our children. The kids had a great time and learned many things about fire safety.

FiremanPreschooler by fire truck

preschoolers in fire truck cab

sparky the fire dog character

class by fire truck

classroom lesson on fire safety






NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a general election has been called and will be held in conjunction with the state general election in and for Independent School District No. 2310 (Sibley East Public Schools), State of Minnesota, on Tuesday, the 6th day of November, 2018, for the purpose of electing three (3) school board members for four (4) year terms. 

Sample Ballot, includes candidate names

Flu Shots on Campus clipartFlu shots for Sibley East students and staff are scheduled for November 5th in Arlington and November 6th in Gaylord. Sibley Medical Center staff will be available to give vaccine to staff soon after 7:30, and student immunizations will start soon after school starts. We will have nasal mist for those who are eligible and would like it.

The forms are attached. Please print the information sheets and the consent form. On the top of the consent form, please indicate whether your son/daughter should receive mist or an injection.  Please copy the front and back of your insurance card and attach it to the consent form. If you are unable to print your own form, they can be picked up from the Health Office on each campus.

Spanish language forms are available in the Health Offices,

Information for Injections
Sign-up Form
Mist Information

Questions about insurance? 



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