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  • Elementary students on farm
  • Elementary students on farm
  • Elementary students on farm
  • Elementary students on farm
Fourth Graders Visit Area Farms
Fourth grade classes at Sibley East Elementary and Immanuel School recently visited area farms. They visited Trebelhorn Farms (Winthrop), Dieball Dairy (Green Isle), Brandt Farms (LeSueur) and Widmer Farms (Gaylord). 
Students learned about : 
  • Corn and soybean farming at the Widmer Farm
  • Grain Bin Safety at the Brandt Farms
  • Beef cattle at the Trebelhorn Farm
  • A robotic milking operation at the Dieball Farm

"The kids really loved it! A lot of the kids said that they did not know very much about farming and that they learned a lot. It was cool to see them make connections and learn new things."
-Stephanie Brandt, Sibley East Agriculture Instructor
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2021-22 COVID-19 Community Guidance


2021-22 COVID-19 Community Guidance


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