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Welcome to the New Sibley East Homepage!

Why is there a new home page?

The company that hosts our site recently offered an alternate format for a new home page. The new format is designed to be more compatible with devices such as cell phones and tablets.
It also became clear that it was a matter of time before the "old" format would become the "unsupported" format, so we made the decision to switch to the new system.

How does the new home page affect the user?

First, be assured that the user can access all the site pages from the home page as in the past. All internal pages on the site remain in their previous format. The biggest change will be the Schools button in the top navigation area. Information for both campuses are available in that pull down menu. There is still a Quicklinks section, but it has been abbreviated. Looking for a particular Quicklink? Check under Schools. It is probably listed there, as appropriate to the elementary or secondary school. Also, in the new Quicklinks strip, the various school calendars have been placed together. There is a new Parent button in the top navigation area. The Parent Resource area is under development.
This pull-down link is titled "Parent Resources".

Would you like to comment on the change?

If you would like to comment on the change, please contact us. The most appreciated comments would be suggestions for improvements or advising us of problems on the site, such as a broken link. The new format required a lot of work behind the scenes, so errors are to be expected. We appreciate your help in correcting them. Please do not give comments, such as "I liked the old site better". We can no longer return to the old site, even if we wanted to do so.

A word about this past year concerning the website and the pandemic

This past school year was extraordinarily stressful for the Sibley East staff and student body. As such, the normal posting of student pictures and features was very difficult. We hope to resume using these features on the website as we move into a more normal 2021-22 school year. Thanks for your understanding.

Did You Know?

The Sibley East District Website averages over 20,000 hits per month.

Mission Statement
Sibley East Schools, in partnership with district residents, is committed to educational excellence and growth for all students.
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