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National School Lunch Week

October 15 - 19

Many of our modern day conveniences are often taken for granted. As an example, we drive on a road, like Minnesota Highway 5, without ever thinking about how that road was originally constructed. It must have been a monumental task to elevate the highway, construct the ditches, and develop drainage, all without the use of modern tools; yet it was done and we continue to benefit from its use today.

As with the difficult task of building of roads, the establishment of school lunch programs was not easy and did not occur overnight.  During National School Lunch Week, please take a few moments to read a fascinating PBS article about the history of school lunches in the United States. The article emphasizes the struggle to provide nutritious food to American children. 

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Today, our children greatly benefit from the struggle of our ancestors. At Sibley East, students of all ages find a state-of-the-art meal program, which includes:

  • Both Lunch and Breakfast programs
  • Nutritious, tasty food choices
  • Milk breaks for elementary students
  • Personable and helpful staff
  • Access to a dietitian
  • Modern preparation and dining areas
  • Sanitary Facilities
  • Inexpensive food choices
  • Provisions for assisting families in need
  • Convenient methods of making payments in lunch accounts
  • Provisions for accommodating students with special dietary needs
  • Coordination between dietary staff and the school nurse to serve students with special diets
  • Always accessible online information.

Regarding online information, the following links are always available on the Quicklinks section of the school website home page:

We thank all those who preceded us for their hard work in developing our current nutrition program, as well as the current citizens of the Sibley East District who continue to provide an excellent nutrition program for our children.

5th and 6th Grade Tackle Football Teams



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The Sibley East Schools, as well as the preceding school districts of Arlington, Gaylord, and Green Isle, have educated many students who have entered professions and careers and excelled in a variety of fields, including the areas of business, medicine, science, education, agriculture, public service, the arts and entertainment. The Sibley East School District 2310 Wall of Fame Selection Committee honors these outstanding graduates through acknowlegement on the Wall of FameThe Wall of Fame serves to inspire and offer role models for its current students.

To learn more and/or place a name in nomination by October 19th, visit the Wall of Fame page.

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Scholastic Book Fair
Sibley East Elementary
November 8 - 14
(Online Shopping Begins November 2)

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Gaylord Fire Department Visits

the Sibley East Preschool
Provides Lessons in Fire Safety

The Sibley East Preschool Program extends a big thank you to the Gaylord Fire Department for providing a memorable visit for our children. The kids had a great time and learned many things about fire safety.

FiremanPreschooler by fire truck

preschoolers in fire truck cab

sparky the fire dog character

class by fire truck

classroom lesson on fire safety






NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a general election has been called and will be held in conjunction with the state general election in and for Independent School District No. 2310 (Sibley East Public Schools), State of Minnesota, on Tuesday, the 6th day of November, 2018, for the purpose of electing three (3) school board members for four (4) year terms. 

Sample Ballot, includes candidate names

Flu Shots on Campus clipartFlu shots for Sibley East students and staff are scheduled for November 5th in Arlington and November 6th in Gaylord. Sibley Medical Center staff will be available to give vaccine to staff soon after 7:30, and student immunizations will start soon after school starts. We will have nasal mist for those who are eligible and would like it.

The forms are attached. Please print the information sheets and the consent form. On the top of the consent form, please indicate whether your son/daughter should receive mist or an injection.  Please copy the front and back of your insurance card and attach it to the consent form. If you are unable to print your own form, they can be picked up from the Health Office on each campus.

Spanish language forms are available in the Health Offices,

Information for Injections
Sign-up Form
Mist Information

Questions about insurance? 



Interested in Dramatics?
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Superintendent's Note Pad 

By: Jim Amsden, Sibley East Superintendent,
September 24, 2018


Jim Amsden, SuperintendentDuring the last month I have been fortunate to participate, along with residents of Arlington, in a focus group called “Marketing Hometown America”, sponsored by the city of Arlington. The purpose of this activity is to stimulate community-wide conversations about how to attract new residents and businesses to small rural communities.  


Declining rural populations have been the trend over the last several decades. Rural communities are impacted at varying rates depending on many factors such as geography, business retention/recruitment, the ability to adapt to changing demographics, and the ability to market the advantages of small rural communities to potential residents and entrepreneurs. We are fortunate to have county and community leadership that is making it a focus to promote the advantages our rural communities can bring to families and business. It has been exciting to read about new businesses coming to all three communities in our school district.  


As a school district, we need to be proactive in promoting the advantages students can have by attending a small rural school.  Sibley East Schools offer outstanding academic and co-curricular options for all students Pre-K through grade 12. According to research conducted at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln by C. Burkhart Kriesel, people looking to relocate usually find a community in two ways-through referrals from family and friends and through a community website and other related social media. 


Two school related sites do an outstanding job of providing information about our schools and student/community education activities at our schools.  The district website ( is a great source of information for upcoming events, building schedules, and activity calendars at our schools. Dan Hislop has volunteered many hours to gather content, organize, update, and publish information on this site. SibleyScoop ( is a Facebook connection that promotes many school events and activities often seen through the lens of students who develop much of the content along with advisor Mike Feterl. 


By following these two sites, you will see the advantages that great community support, strong academic programming and outstanding facilities offer to families and students that choose our communities and school district.


If you have questions or concerns regarding Sibley East Schools please feel free to see me at the district office in Arlington, call 507-964-8224, or email


Mrs. Marten's
Principal Update

By: MariLu Martens, Sibley East Elementary Principal,
October, 2018


Student Council Banner
Youth Development Banner

We’ve had an amazing start to school year 2018, thanks to our Student Council and Youth Development Teams.  

Our new Student Council members are 4th Grade:  Evelen Medrano, Owen Hilgers, Sonora Bauer, Grace Gibson, Jack Pomplun, Cohen Neisen, Lizbeth Herrera, Carter Podratz, Regan Trebelhorn, Delanie DeWitte, Monty Halquist, 5th grade:  Lydia Rechtzigel, Paige Gardiner, Mausten Krueger,  Brooklyn Schultz, Will Feterl, Brady Jenneke, Dawson Wibstad, Landon Fisher, Valeria Bautista, Marisol Mendoza, Autumn Gaffney, Hayden Mehlhop, Anahi Mendez, and Kaleb Dummer. 

Our Youth Development members include  4th Grade:  Makenna Miller,
Talon Rebers, Alivia Uhlenkamp Adilynn Odenthal,  AtleyStrack , Isaac Donnay, Paige Gaffney , Nathan Schauer, Tanner Johnson,  Kamrie Mauer, 5th Grade:   Kimberly Moreno-Farias, Mason Horstman, Anahi Mendez, Alex Bachman, Hannah Bartlette, Emma Lenertz, Elonzo Montes, Nevaeh Moreno, Ruth Workman, Isabella Rangel, and Madison Dahlke.  These students are advised by Megan Koepp, Steph Schultz, Kara More, and Amanda Wiley. 

These groups planned and executed our first ever Elementary Homecoming Parade.  Students worked with their grade levels to determine the “theme” for their grade.  The students designed costumes and posters.  On Friday, they walked around the pond next to the school.  Following the parade, they all participated in a Homecoming Pep fest.  They learned and sang the school song, thanks to Nathan Thompson, learned new cheers, and watched select teachers get pies thrown into their faces!  Winners of the parade were announced.  Best theme went to Grade 3 “Kiss the Knights Good Bye, Most Spirit went to Grade 1, and the Loudest went to Grade 4. 


Stop Bullying Poster

October is National Bullying Awareness Month.  Our YD/SC students are trying to increase awareness of bullying by trying to do their best to prevent it.  Our Character Counts curriculum addresses being kind, teaching kindness, standing up for what’s right. On Monday the students participated in a “Chalk Kindness” Day. Each student was given a piece of chalk and was able to spread colorful kindness words and sayings for all to read.  We want to teach students that kindness always wins. 


Orange FruitLater this month on October 24th, we will all be wearing the color orange in honor of Unity Day, celebrated nationally since 2011.   We will wear and share orange to show we are together against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.