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Hello, I am Randy Walsh, the Sibley East Public Schools Activity and Athletic Director. Here at Sibley East, we provide many excellent activities and athletic opportunities for our students. Information on our Activities and Athletic opportunities can be accessed via the Quick Links to your left.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via my email listed below or by phone: 507-964-8241.


A.D's Corner

Welcome to Sibley East Athletics,

The Sibley East Athletic Program focuses on the student, which includes team development, character building, competition and sportsmanship. Each year there is updated information in the activity handbook so please read the entire booklet carefully to better prepare you and your child for involvement and a positive experience in all of our activities. This year, with the students having IPads, we have added some guidelines for use in locker rooms and on the bus during athletics.

This year we will again be focusing on the prevention and care of head injuries, which include several levels of concussions. All athletes, parents, and coaches will be required to receive “concussion” training through handouts, videos, and/or seminars. We will also be conducting the ImPACT baseline test for most of our athletes. This will help us determine when an athlete needs to stay out of competition or is able to participate after a head injury. It is our hope that all athletes will have an enjoyable and safe season. The wellbeing of our athletes is our top priority.

The activities department, as well as the staff and administration at Sibley East continues to feel that student participation in a school’s athletic/activities program is an integral component to the overall education of a student. Through participation in school activities, students learn self-discipline, build self-confidence and develop skills to handle competitive situations. Membership on a team is not a right, but a privilege. All participants must realize that they represent not only themselves, but also their school. Working together we can create a positive feeling of school loyalty and pride, which can be shared by all, including participants, the student body, parents, coaches, and the Sibley East Community.

We are excited about all of the outstanding opportunities that we have to offer at Sibley East for students to participate in. We look forward to having your child in our programs during the coming year.

Contact: Randy Walsh