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"I have had all three of my children partake in the Sibley East preschool program for both three and four year olds. This means six years of preschool! The overall experience is positive, inviting, and developmentally appropriate for children of this age. Some of the things my kids loved were the changing out of toys for different units as they always had new toys to look forward to, sensory things like writing in shaving cream or playing in corn tubs in the fall, field trip experiences- (they still talk about them!) and rotating through the various classroom helper jobs. There were also a wide variety of hands on activities that gave children exposure to cutting, sorting, painting, counting, and learning shapes, letters, numbers, and colors. Any time I was able to visit I saw adults working directly with children on things like puzzles, providing assistance in something a child was creating, or talking with them in imaginative play. The program did a fabulous job of providing opportunities to develop the social skills needed to be successful in kindergarten. My kids looked forward to it every single day!"