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Quality Markers and Superior Resources for the Sibley East Readiness (preschool) program
  • Rated 4 STARS by Parent Aware, the State of Minnesota’s Quality Rating and Improvement System.  This is the highest rating for such services.  Please visit for additional information.
  • Brand new school containing a special wing devoted to school readiness and kindergarten
  • Staff licensed by the State of Minnesota
  • Teaching staff is highly experienced
  • Highly experienced and well qualified paraprofessional staff
  • Outstanding staff to student ratio, presently 1:7 or less
  • Highly diverse, integrated student body
  • Easy links to the highly respected Sibley East special education program
  • Support services provided on site by the Minnesota Reading Corps – a huge asset
  • Children have all day on site access to our health service aide, Marina Jaquez
  • Heidi Sjogren, RN is available either on site or through electronic contact
  • Easy access to social worker Michelle Halverson
  • Speech therapy available on site from qualified professionals
  • Many other school district resources are available, such as mental health services
  • Free Transportation available, including service from Winthrop and New Auburn 
  • Strong support links to outside services, as needed
  • Emphasis on smooth transitions to the district kindergarten program
  • Scholarships Available (Income Restrictions)