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1. If you plan to request reimbursement for a professional development expense, you will need to align the activity with a Site Goal and an additional Site Goal or District Goal.

2. Where can I learn about the goals?
  • Read the current District Professional Development plan: Here.
3. How do I apply for reimbursement and show that my request aligns with the goals?
  • Complete the Reimbursement Form for pre K - 5: Here or Reimbursement Form for 6-12 Here.
4. After the request has been approved, do I need to do anything?
  • Yes, you must complete the Post Activity Form: Here and attach a Claim Form, available in the office, and submit it to either Melissa Podratz for Pre K - 5 or Rhonda Hermanson for 6 - 12.

Contact: Nathan Thompson