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Reimbursement Form for Pre K-5, Professional Development

Directions: In order to qualify for staff development funds, you need to supply the following information.  When you submit the form, it will be sent automatically to Melissa Podratz.

Please allow 2 weeks for approval to be granted.

Once granted, you will be responsible to register and keep receipts of approved reimbursements. Within two weeks following the professional development activity, you will need to fill out a post-activity form, sign it, and submit it, along with claim form for approved reimbursements if needed, to District Staff Development Chair Nathan Thompson.  He will sign it and then you can be reimbursed. (This is for state reporting purposes.)

Alignment Goal Selections

You must align your request with at least two goals.

To do this,

1. Select a Site Goal from the first pull down menu that aligns with your reimbursement request.

2. Select a Site Goal from the second pull down menu that aligns with your reimbursement request
or select a District Goal that aligns with your reimbursement request from the third pull down menu.  
Required Activity Description

We need specific information about your activity besides the name and date, i.e. activity description, location, etc.  You can provide this in one of three ways:
  • You can enter the information.
  • You can submit the url for the site that provides such informaion.
  • You can upload a copy of whatever handout was used to publicize the activity.

You must select one of the next three options to provide the necessary information.

If approved, be able to answer the following on a Post-Activity form in order to be reimbursed.

1. Findings: (Why is this activity needed at this time to strengthen your/students’ growth?)

2. Impact on Student Learning: (How will this activity strengthen your students’ growth?)

3. Impact on Teacher Learning: (How has this activity strengthened your professional growth?)


  Send a copy of the completed form to this email address : 

* Indicates Required fields.