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Please Note: All items noted in purple are found in Online Forms, which are located in the Quicklink to your left.

Step #1
After being notified by your building principal regarding an upcoming teacher observation/evaluation, the teacher will complete either the:

a. Pre-observation Questionnaire 
b. Observation lesson plan
           Your building principal will inform you of which form is needed (specific for each building).
Step #2 The teacher evaluation will be completed by your building principal.  The finalized evaluation document will be discussed at the post-observation conference and then sent electronically to you for your records.  
Step #3 After the observation has taken place, the teacher will complete the Reflection Questions for the domains upon which the observation was based. These reflection questions will be returned to you for your records.
a. Non-tenured teachers will repeat this process for each of their required observations (three per year for the first three years).

Step #4 During each year (of the three year cycle) all teachers will need to participate in the peer coaching activities described in the Sibley East Teacher Evaluation Instrument. 
a. During (or after) the peer coaching session(s), the teacher should complete the Collaborative Assessment Log (CAL).  This should be saved by both the teacher and the peer coach for their portfolio. 
Step #5 By the end of the observation cycle (three year period), the Checklist, Teacher Evaluation Process should be completed by all teachers.