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Head Lice Prevention

Parents should check their children's heads for lice on a regular basis throughout the year. Families should not depend on someone else to check a child's head, as this may delay treatment. If they suspect that their child has head lice, everyone in the family should be checked. Treating persons without lice or nits will unnecessarily expose them to potentially harmful chemicals, so only those with lice should be treated.  If families wish to avoid the chemicals in lice shampoos, the school Health Office can supply instructions for an alternative treatment that does not involve chemicals. To help prevent head lice, speak with children about avoiding head to head contact with other children, and avoiding shared objects such as brushes, combs, and head coverings.

Head lice are not associated with poor hygiene or lack of cleanliness in the home.  They are very annoying but do not cause disease.

For more information, refer to the MN Dept. of Health website