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Health Services
District Nurse

Hello, I am Nancy Hislop, RN,, the supervising nurse for both campus sites. We are very proud of our school health services program, which provides daily coverage at both the Arlington and Gaylord sites. If you have a health concern regarding your child, please email me (preferred) by clicking the name link at the bottom of this page. Alternately, you may also call me at either school, using the office numbers below, and leave a message. I will return your call as soon as possible.

Also, feel free to contact the following staff, as they may also be able to answer many of your questions.
          Nancy Hislop, RN, PHN,
          Licensed School Nurse

Elementary, Gaylord Campus
Marina Jaquez

To contact Marina Jaquez, Health Assistant for the Gaylord site,
call 507-237-3317 or email

               Marina Jaquez      

Secondary, Arlington Campus

To contact Sheri Kumar, LPN, Health Assistant for the Arlington site on Monday,
Tuesday, or Wednesday,
call 507-964-8240 or email:

             Sheri Kumar, LPN


To contact Jackie Hilgers, R.N., Health Assistant for the Arlington site on Thursdays
and Fridays
, call 507-964-8240 or email:

             Jackie Hilgers, R.N.

Contact: Nancy Hislop