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Welcome to the Sibley East ISD Continuing Education Committee Home Page

Added May 2023
The Continuing Education Committee has decided to change policy on accepting clock hours to reflect the state’s guidelines. We will no longer accept clock hour applications for experiences that are dated more than one year from the meeting date. For those of you that have been saving CEUs from previous years, you will have until October 2023 to submit them to count toward your next renewal.

******************IMPORTANT ********************

*It is the responsibility of the each individual teacher to become informed of and comply with the published requirements of this local committee and the rules of the Minnesota Board of Teaching. 

*The committee will meet quarterly to review and approve clock hour applications

*Please submit a copy of the documentation of experience with the clock hour application. Originals should be kept by the applicant. 

*Staff should submit applications at least one week before a scheduled meeting. 

*To avoid a backlog at any one meeting, applicants should submit requests for approval within one year of completion of the activity. 

*Clock hour applications can be put in the mailbox of any committee member.

* *Once the application has been approved the clock hours will be posted to the MDE website. Applicants should review their hours online. Approved hours will not be returned. 

*Staff must renew their license online. Since all clock hours are recorded online the application does not need to be signed by the Continuing Ed. Committee chairperson.


Contact: Shannon Kuelbs