The Peer Tutor Program at Sibley East Jr. High began in November 1995. It was designed to provide tutorial assistance to selected students in grades 7-9.

Our tutors are student volunteers who offer help to fellow students who may be having a difficult time in one or more subject areas. In addition, the program coordinator provides tutoring assistance.

We believe that through caring, sharing, and cooperation, we can provide a nurturing learning experience for our students.

As the program continually changes to meet the needs of students, we encourage you to offer constructive ideas. The end result will be a program which shows our continuing support for our students.  

RaNae Drexler, Peer Tutor Coordinator

Peer Tutoring Services


Peer Tutoring services are presently offered only to students in grades 7 - 9.  As we work through scheduling issues associated with the transition to the new grade alignments, the feasibility of serving secondary students in grades 6 and 10 - 12 will be evaluated. 

How to Sign Up!

Referrals can come from students who desire help, their parents, teachers, counselor or school administrators.


Contact: RaNae Drexler