Elementary School

We are proud to be Sibley East Wolverines.  This year (2020-2021) we have 486 students enrolled in the elementary school in grades Pre-K-5.  Our teaching staff is composed of 41 licensed teaching staff, and 27 para professionals.  We are honored to serve the children and families in our community.  These primary years are vital for all future endeavors and we will work hard to deliver a quality education for our students in a safe and caring environment.  

MariLu Martens, Principal

We offer a variety of instructional programs:

  • All students receive physical education each day.
  • Music is provided by a licensed music teacher.
  • A variety of student support services include a full-time health worker, school social worker that visits classrooms to provide social skills, and a Dean of Students who works with families on a variety of needs
  • We assess students five times a year to monitor their growth and provide interventions that are specifically designed for the learner
  • We use a Standards Based Report card that focuses on assuring a solid foundation of essential skills and key learning targets. The report cards list the essential skills and communicates a level of mastery towards each skill.
  • Students have access to a learning device, i-Pads in grades K-2, and Chromebooks in grades 3-5. Teachers design lessons and activities using these learning devices to enhance their education. 
  • Staff are trained in Responsive Classroom practices, which is a student-centered, social and emotional learning approach to teaching and discipline.  It is designed to create safe, joyful and engaging classrooms and school communities.

Contact: MariLu Martens
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