Sibley County Partnering in Prevention

Our Mission

To reduce alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use among youth in the Sibley East

Our Vision

To build a safe, healthy, and chemically free environment for youth in the Sibley East communities.


A coalition of leaders from many sectors of our community committed to reducing substance use and abuse and the problems it creates in our community.

Upcoming Events:

September 28th Youth Bowling Event at the Arlington Bowling Alley starting at 3:00, after the Homecoming parade! Come on out and have some fun!

The Coalition

Join Our Monthly Meeting

The Sibley County Partnering in Prevention coalition meets the third Wednesday of each month from 11:15 am – 12:15 pm at the EMS Meeting Room in Arlington.
Key Strategies
  • In-School Curriculum educates children on the benefits of being alcohol and drug-free
  • Community partnerships strengthen prevention efforts throughout the area.
  • Media Campaign challenges perceptions and focuses on uncovering positive truths about our community.
  • Youth Groups empowers students to be alcohol and drug-free.
  • Sibley County Partnering in Prevention Coalition members who are passionate about keeping our kids healthy and safe.
The Sibley County Partnering in Prevention coalition is made up of the following 14 sectors:
  • Business Community
  • Civic/Volunteer Groups
  • State/local/tribal Government
  • Health Care Professionals
  • Law Enforcement
  • Justice/Corrections
  • Media
  • Organizations reducing Substance Abuse
  • Parents
  • School Administration
  • School teachers/counselors/staff
  • Spiritual/Fraternal groups
  • Underserved/High Risk
  • Youth Serving Organizations
Join Our Youth Group

Are you in grades 7 – 12? Would you like to become involved with a group who works on bridging the perception gap of what they think youth are doing and what you are actually choosing to do when it comes to alcohol use? Are you interested in becoming a leader in your community and volunteering? If you are interested please click on 'Contact Us' and call or e-mail Sibley County Partnering in Prevention!


Contact: Becky Thomes
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