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Hello, I am Annie Meuleners, the advisor or the Visual Arts Team.  The Visual Arts Team is for anyone who loves to be creative, regardless of whether they are enrolled in an art class or not. All are welcome!  If I can be of any assistance with your Visual Arts Team questions, please contact me at the email link below.


Participants of the Visual Arts Team create artwork throughout the school year in categories of their choice (drawing, painting, ceramics, etc....). Open studio nights are held every other Monday night and are a time for students to work with materials to complete their projects. At the end of April, participants bring their artwork to the Section 2A competition where their work is judged with other artists from our section. The top piece in each category moves on to the state level show. Outside of the competition and open studio nights, Visual Arts Team members go on field trips and participate in community service activities.

How to Join

In fall, there will be information in the announcements and e-mails to classes saying it's time to sign up


There is the standard $35 participation fee which covers, among other things, basic art supplies; however, anyone needing special materials will need to purchase those on their own.

Competition and Show

The Competition in late April is the culminating event of our season. Once our facilities are 100% done, we will have an art show that features art team work.

Creativity in Action!!!


Contact: Annie Meuleners