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Middle School Choir


“Welcome to the middle school choir home page.  The choirs are directed by Lenore Strouth.  Please feel free to contact me using the following:



phone: 507-964-8244


The focus of middle school choir is to learn music through singing. Our focus content areas include breathing, diction, tone quality, balance and blend, as well as music theory and music history. Students sing a variety of age appropriate songs such as spirituals, folk songs, pop songs from past and present, Broadway melodies, multi-cultural songs, and classical pieces.


Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades participate in either choir or band or they can participate in both classes. Students in 8th grade also have the opportunity to join show choir. Students sing in a large group setting but are also encouraged to try solo and ensemble singing.



6th grade choir meets on B Days and Thursdays from 1:58-2:38


7th grade choir meets on B Days from 10:32-11:12 and on Wednesdays from 1:58-2:38


8th grade choir meets on A Days from 9:04-9:44 and on Wednesdays from 9:47-10:28

Registering for Middle School Choir

Students register for choir when they register for all classes.

Parent Opportunities

Parents are needed to take tickets at concerts.

Middle School Choir Performance Schedule:

  • Nov. 12th – Fall Concert
  • Mar. 16th – Winter Concert
  • May 20th – Spring Fling Concert with band


Contact: Lenore Strouth
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