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                  Amanda Wiley                                                                                   Kara More


Welcome to the Sibley East Elementary School Youth Development page.  We truly enjoy working with our wonderful student members on projects that are of value to the school and community.  We encourage students to apply for membership  and we look forward to meeting you at our events!

The Sibley East Elementary Youth Development Council, a Community Education funded program, has an important role in conducting events at the elementary school that bring our students and the community together.

How to Become Involved

Applications are available from the 4th and 5th grade teachers at the beginning of the year conference.
Applications- Due: Monday, September 18th


Elementary Youth Development and Student Council Activities:

Events 2018-2019


Applications – Due by: September 17, 2018
Daily Announcements Begin on September 24 at 8:25 Daily (SC/YD)
Homecoming Face Painting- SC/YD (Friday, Sept. 28th)
Homecoming Spirit Week-SC
Homecoming Parade @ the Pond- SC/YD (All Grades Will Participate)


Grandparents Gathering- YD- KINDERGARTEN ONLY (Oct. 15th)
Box Top Collection Due: End of October
Socktober (SC)?


Veterans Day Program (SC) Friday, Nov. 9th
Thanksgiving Cards (YD) Tuesday, Nov. 20th


Festive Flex Space – SC/YD (Friday, Dec. 7)-Treat- Cookies
Cheers of Appreciation- YD (Community Members) Dec. 17-20


Post Office -SC/YD (January 7-18)


I LOVE TO READ with My Grandparent-YD (2:30-3:00-Feb. 4-8)


“We’re Lucky to Have You” for Staff (SC) - TBD


Earth Day (YD) - Clean up the community- 18th in the Morning
Earth Day (SC) Tree Planting????


GOAT DAY (Greatest of All Time Day) YD/SC-Friday, 10th-1:00-3:00
Awards Ceremonies – SC/YD
2017 – 2018 Youth Development Members


Youth Development Members



Fourth Grade Members:


Makenna Miller (Morton)

Talon Rebers (Morton)

Alivia Uhlenkamp (Morton)

Adilynn Odenthal (Pauly)

Atley Strack (Pauly)

Isaac Donnay (Tack)

Paige Gaffney (Tack)

Nathan Schauer (Tack)

Tanner Johnson (Ut)

Kamrie Mauer (Ut)


Fifth Grade Members:


Kimberly M-Farias? (Hermanson)

Mason Horstman (Hermanson)

Anahi Mendez (Hermanson)

Alex Bachman (Marshall)

Hannah Bartlette (Marshall)

Emma Lenertz (Marshall)

Elonzo Montes (Marshall)

Nevaeh Moreno (Marshall)

Ruth Workman (Marshall)

Isabella Rangel (MrKvicka)

Madison Dahlke (Rogers)

Amanda Wiley


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