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Middle School Youth Development Council


Welcome the the Middle School Youth Development home page.  I am Vikki Louwagie, advisor.  Youth Development members share a strong desire to improve their schools and communities.  As such, it is a pleasure to function as their group advisor.

If you have any questions regarding Youth Development, please do not hesitate to contact me via the email (preferred) link below.  You can also contact me at 507-964-8231.

What is Youth Development?

Youth Development is a volunteer and leadership group. The students create opportunities to bring the school and communities together.  Youth Development is funded by Community Education.


The Youth Development Council is active throughout the year.

How to Join

Students are notified of a sign-up opportunity in early September each year via the school announcements.  An application must be completed.
Recent Projects

Plan the Quarter Academic Pepfest

Sibley East scarecrow in Arlington

Collect toys for Santa's Helpers

Family Bingo night

May Day baskets

Chalk writing in town

Contact: Vikki Louwagie