School Health services provide daily school health office coverage at both the Arlington and Gaylord sites.
Elementary, Gaylord Campus

To contact Karen Johnson, the Health Assistant for the Gaylord site, call 507-237-3317 or email

               Karen Johnson       

Secondary, Arlington Campus

To contact Sheri Kumar, LPN, Health Assistant for the Arlington site, call 507-964-8240 or email:

             Sheri Kumar, LPN        

To contat Lynn Schauer, R.N., Health Assistant for the Arlington site, call 507-964-8240 or email

           Lynn Schauer, R.N.
District Supervisor  


Nancy Hislop, RN, is the supervising nurse for both campus sites. If you have a health concern regarding your child at either school site, please email her by clicking the name link below. 

          Nancy Hislop, RN, PHN,
          Licensed School Nurse

Contact: Nancy Hislop